ING-Semester 5

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Grammar 4

Grammar 4 is given in the 5 semester, and it consists of several topics that make  students understand kinds of clauses, types of sentences including clause connectors. Each topic will lead students to write sentences using clauses, clause connectors and create different kinds of sentences that will not make the text boring. 

Academic Writing

This course will focus on the basic principles of academic writing such as identifying plagiarism and how to avoid it (summarising and paraphrasing), citing sources, referencing, and using the APA style that may be used in writing for academic purposes. Students will also learn to develop a short research proposal for their final projects (i.e. on product development, translation,or text analysis) which include the topic selection, background, literature review, theoretical framework and research methods. At the end of the semester, students will produce research proposals for their final projects.