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by 191524026 MUHAMMAD FAUZAN LUBIS - Thursday, 7 January 2021, 2:48 PM
Anyone in the world

While many people probably don't know or will now this POLBAN e-learning user blog post, I'll just write some random stuff maybe? And yet here we are, you're reading some random POLBAN students blog post in an e-learning platform.

While this post is probably just a item in some database somewhere, and nothing of importance. You're still reading it, so Congratulations! So here, some random mumble from me.


Now it's fire! Y'know fire are quite fun, but dangerous. Be careful! Those stuff is also used for anything like heating your food, to even some cloud hosted, batteries-included, kind of services from Google. Yep, that is Firebase. Even though I mostly used Amplify, Firebase seems a bit more Googly. Those are quite better looking and less like Amplify which kinda looks like it is an afterthought. But idk, I'm not the best at doing this kind of stuff.

Maybe later more blarb? Anyway join FormaTeam now!

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